The Whatsit

We have been trying to get pregnant for a year and a month. If you had told me, back in June 2011, that this is how our year was going to pan out I would have given you the crazy eye. Women in my family are notoriously fertile. My mom got pregnant after a tubal ligation – twice. My sister got pregnant on birth control. It is a running joke in my family. You never know when you might get pregnant! Ha ha.

Because of this legendary fertility, we waited to go off birth control until we were 100% positive we were ready. We made sure we scheduled in a trip (our last trip before baby!), we finished up all the lingering home renovation projects and sold our condo (to search for a bigger, baby friendly place!). The first few months we were so excited and hopeful. Every holiday felt like a milestone (our last Thanksgiving with out a baby!). We were reluctant to make any travel plans for fear that I would be too pregnant to fly during that time. We put our lives on hold. We waited and waited.

Sometime around January I started to feel like maybe, something was wrong. My doctor ran a battery of tests on both of us, including an HSG. All was normal. Relax, she told me. Most couples get pregnant within the first year. So we waited some more.

And here we are. One year and one month later. We started seeing a Reproductive Endocrinologist at the start of this last cycle (mid July-ish) and I’ve spent the last 3 weeks being poked, prodded and wanded, hoping for some answers, terrified of what it may be. Fun times.


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