First it was M’s brother’s girlfriend, in April. Then one of my best friends in May. She and her husband had been trying for over a year before she got referred to a specialist. At her first appointment the doctor found some abnormalities that a laparoscopy later confirmed was advanced edometriosis. She had 1 blocked and 1 partially blocked tube. He told her her chances of getting pregnant on her own were less than 5%. She got pregnant that same month.

Two weeks later my other best friend emailed me the news that she was (surprise!) pregnant with her third child. They had wanted to stop at two, she moaned. Fertiles. I shake my fist at you. That week, while getting acupuncture, I bemoaned the baby boom happening around me to my acupuncturist. I’d been seeing her for 5 months to help with my (lack of) fertility. She blinked at me rapidly for a few seconds then said, “guess what!”. She’s due in October, that’s what.

June was quiet, thank goodness. There was 1 in July but this past week, 3 new announcements. It’s the baby-explosion of ’12. I may need to hide under a rock for the rest of the year.


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