Say What?! (part 1)

M (who is currently 4 months pregnant and living over seas and is planning a trip back home – here – at the end of the month): So excited to visit! Do you know of any good maternity stores there? I can’t find any good stores here.
*5 minutes of complaining about not fitting any of her clothes*

Me: I don’t know. I’m sure you can find some.
*changes subject*

2 mother effing days later…

M: OMG I don’t fit any of my clothes, do you know of any good maternity stores there? Did I ask you that already? I’m so tired (from being pregnant) that I can’t remember. Ha ha.
Me: *head explodes*

I love this girl. She has been the only person I can talk to about this fertility stuff because it took them awhile too, but it’s like being pregnant has totally ate her brain and made her an obtuse asshole. Or I am being over sensitive. Argh.

  1. Coming over from Belle’s list of POAS challengers. I’m so sorry your test day didn’t turn out as you would have liked it to. I had to comment here, though, because I don’t think it’s that you’re being over-sensitive … more like the other option, especially since she’s aware of your own issues! It seems really inconsiderate to me. Sorry you have to hear it :/

    • hazel said:

      Lately, it’s like I have a constant conversation with myself on whether or not I am overreacting about things. And everything seems to set me off. Sigh.

      Thanks for stopping by! I’ve been blog stalking you for months now. I’ve got my fingers crossed for you.

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