IUI #1

IUI #1 is in the books. It was pretty painless. Now we wait. Some numbers, for the record book:

  • 2.5 Letrazole, days 3-7. No side effects.
  • U/S on day 10 showed 2 large follicles, 17mm on the left, 16mm on the right and a smaller 10mm also on the right. Lining was on the thin side, 6mm.
  • Estrogen days 10-13 to help with lining
  • HcG trigger shot 8pm on day 12
  • IUI at 10am on day 14 (38 hours from trigger)
  • Sperm count 10.2 million

Fingers crossed.

  1. Lya said:

    Hi. Found your blog via the ICLW list. FX for your IUI!!! We’ll be doing our first round this upcoming cycle.

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