A whole lot of nothing

That is what is happening with my reproductive system at the moment. A handful of smallish follicles, the largest at 10. A thin, sad lining at 5.7. Today is CD10. This time last cycle I had 2 large follicles and was prepping to trigger in two days. My letrozole dosage was actually increased this cycle, and yet, nothing. Dr. P. told me that if it looks like nothing is moving when I go back in on Friday she is cancelling this month’s IUI. We then sat and talked about options for next cycle, barring I get pregnant (suuuuure). She would like to move me to injectibles, but it is not covered with my insurance (letrozole is), so we’d be looking at $800 – $1200 for the IUI, including medication. However, 1 IVF is covered by my insurance. With copays an IVF cycle would cost ~ $3500 ($4500 if ICSI). So then question then becomes, do we keep trying with the IUIs or do we move on to IVF where our chances are greater? So much to think on.

  1. Lya said:

    I’m sorry things are not progressing as they should.
    It’s a tough decision between IUI w. injectables and IVF. It might be good to give IUI a try first just to see how your body is reacting to the meds. That is what we opted for. But then since you are already injecting and a lot of your IVF cycle will be covered by your insurance, IVF might make more sense because chances of a sucess are a lot higher. Ahhh… this is really a tough question and I’m probably not a big help at all. Good luck my dear!

  2. I suggest IVF…I opted to completely skip the IUI step and bring out the big guns (our insurance didn’t cover anything). Although our fresh cycle did not result in a pregnancy, I have 23 high quality frozen embryos ready to go!

    • Theresa said:

      ok I’m totally comment jacking, but you have 23 frozen eggs?!??! Holy cow!!!!

      • hazel said:

        I was thinking the same thing! 23 is awesome!

  3. Theresa said:

    I recently had the same issue – hubby was dx’d with low sperm count awhile back and we were told IVF was it. Several months and many hormone injections later, his sperm count rose to 36 million, so we decided to try an IUI. It was canceled after all my dominant follicles were found to be growing on the side with my blocked tube. After that I debated for awhile whether to try one more IUI or just go for the big guns (and we don’t have insurance coverage). We obviously decided IVF and I am SO GLAD we did. Your chances are so much higher.

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