Hello ICLW

Hello ICLW-ers and welcome to We Are Learning To Make Fire. I know, I know, it’s a mouthful. It comes from a poem by the incredible Margaret Atwood. You can read it here.

Some quick facts about me:

  1. For much of my life, I was positive I didn’t want kids.  I was vocal about it. And then, sometime around my 31st birthday, I completely changed my mind. The universe seems to think this is hilarious.
  2. I turned 35 this past summer, which means that the inevitable “when are you starting a family” questions are now followed by “you know you’re not getting any younger right”. Riiight. As a side note, I would like to thank all the well meaning folks for clarifying this for me. WHAT WOULD I DO WITH OUT YOUR WISDOM?
  3. My husband is 2 years younger than I am. We met 9 years ago. We’ve been married for 2.
  4. We are currently in the middle of our second IUI cycle. It’s not going so great.
  5. While waiting (and waiting and waiting) for this baby stuff to happen we shower all of our parental affection onto this little guy. We love him to pieces.

This is Bear. He is awesome.

Thanks for stopping by!

  1. hello fellow IUI-ier and ICLW-er… good luck to you this IUI cycle, it’s so hard not to see great numbers. We were so on the fence about going straight to IVF versus trying IUIs. To be honest, if I had qualified for the funding back when we started I would’ve liked to go straight to IVF. The IUIs feel like a huge amount of effort for low chances… but then again I know they do work for some people! fingers and toes crossed for us both.

  2. Lisa Sickel said:

    Hi from Lisa from ICLW! I will be thinking about you as you go through this IUI cycle. We have been through that as well and only wish you the best. And your little Bear is the cutest thing! They certainly become our babies don’t they?!

  3. Kristin said:

    Hello from ICLW. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love Margaret Atwood and I quoted a paragraph from the Handmaid’s Tale in an early blog post. She is amazing. I hope your follicle check today showed some movement with those follicles!

  4. Theresa said:

    OMG your dog is freaking adorable.

  5. Hello from ICLW. I’m so sorry that your IUI cycle is not going the best. Sending so many vibes that it turns around! Oh my goodness…what an adorable pup you have!!

    ICLW #3

  6. Hey there from ICLW!

    Sweet merciful crap I want to gnaw on that dogs face.

    I, too, appreciate it when people point out my age in relation to my clearly rotting eggs. About as much as I would like a stranger leaning over and ripping out a gray hair.

  7. Daryl said:

    Hi from ICLW! Glad this cycle is looking up for you! We’re doing our first IUI this cycle, but chances are even lower than normal that it will work. Then on to IVF. Scary. I hope your cycle continues in a positive direction, all the way to a BFP! And Bear is freakin’ adorable.

  8. Stopping by for ICLW. Wishing you the best with this IUI! And that is one precious puppy dog. I want to kiss him!

  9. cindy said:

    Hi from ICLW…your dog is too cute!!!

  10. How contradictory that you hear “you’re not getting any younger” but I, at almost the same age as you, get “but you’re so young; don’t worry about it!” Which is it, people?

    What a sweet little doggy face. I can see from his expression what a good friend he is. My kitty says hi 🙂

    Fingers crossed that this not-so-great IUI cycle gets better for you and leads to just what you’re hoping for!

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