The state of things

We’re moving to IVF. Just typing that scares me to pieces. Last week we found out our insurance had only been covering the IUI cycles by accident. However, our state is one of the few states that will cover an IVF cycle. As it works out, an IUI with injectables cycle will end up costing us a little bit more than an IVF cycle. How crazy is that? Insurance just boggles me. Anyway, even though our doctor doesn’t think we need to move to IVF right now, when we weighed the numbers it just made more sense. So now I’m waiting for my new cycle to start and crossing my fingers that we can get on the late November/December schedule.

  1. Kristin said:

    Super exciting! I love it when someone finds out they have insurance coverage!

  2. Lya said:

    I’m excited to hear that you have a plan! November/December will be here before you know it.

  3. Huge good luck to you guys. I know it seems like a big leap but th chances are so much better. So great that you have some coverage!

  4. Theresa said:

    Oh man that’s fabulous you have insurance coverage. I went back and forth on IVF forever (we don’t have insurance coverage) and people used to tell me that once you’re pregnant none of it will matter. Well, I thought they were crazy, but I’m here to say its totally true. IVF is your best chance of getting pregnant, even though it is a huge PITA.

  5. It was super hard for me to wrap my head around needing IVF also, but after the shock I was just pumped to get things going and feel confident that I would get pregnant. We didn’t even do an IUI, the odds are only a little bit higher with IUI so why not go straight for the big guns! Good luck!

  6. SM said:

    Awesome news! I’m glad your insurance covers IVF! Super exciting (and nerve-wracking) I’m sure!

  7. That’s crazy that your insurance covers IVF but not IUI. Crazy good! (And just plain crazy, but insurance never ceasesto amaze me.) Good luck!

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