Thank you all for your encouragement in my last post. I made the call to my clinic yesterday to get the ball rolling on state approval (we need to be approved for coverage). I’ve been a ball of nerves since. Our doctor thinks we should get approval easily, but I will be anxious until we get the final word. To add to my anxiety I had lunch today with two dear friends (one of whom is 7  months pregnant) and their two kids. It was awful. Like, heart beating at top speed, panic attack awful. I feel so terrible writing that. I’m usually OK around them but today was just hard. Thank goodness it’s Friday.

I just got off the phone with my clinic and they are going to try to squeeze us into the late November cycle. Our doctor thinks approval should be fast and easy. Birth control pills have been ordered and I start them on Sunday. Shit just got real.

  1. glad it’s all sorted out – I always feel 100 times better just getting on with doing something than waiting to do something. So sorry it was so hard with your friends, I know that feeling exactly.

  2. Sounds like everything is getting nicely on track – that’s great! I’m sorry you felt so bad with your friends – I can totally empathize with that feeling ….

  3. Theresa said:

    Oh my – I read this at first and thought you said you had lunch with two deaf friends, and I was thinking “hm thats interesting”. Then I actually RE-READ it and realized it said dear friends. Oy vey.

    On a more on topic note – starting the cycle was a scary dose of reality for me too. I had a few “holy shit this is actually happening” moments – starting birth control, when my meds all showed up at my front door, etc. Keep us posted on how your cycle goes!

    • hazel said:

      Hahahaha. This comment made my morning. 🙂

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