I didn’t start BC yesterday. The late November timeline wasn’t going to work with some pre-existing commitments I already had. Instead, the plan is to take this cycle off and regroup. I start BC on day 4 of my next cycle with a tentative retrieval date for mid December. I am grateful for the month off. I feel like my body could use a reset after the last two months of drugs and what was, quite possibly, the worst summer of my life. Maybe I will write about that someday. So the plan for this month is to concentrate on taking care of myself and to try not to obsess (too much) about the what next in this process.

p.s. Today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. My thoughts are with all of you who have suffered a loss.

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  1. ecutri said:

    I, too, will be starting BC in November with a December Retrieval. Good luck to you!

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