Lately my ears perk up when I hear of someone having non-identical twins. A girl I know recently announced her pregnancy with twins on Facebook. She’s been married for 6 years and in the early days of her marriage would talk constantly about babies. Then nothing. Now twins.

Then today I was flipping through an old magazine and read that Anna P of T.rue B.lood fame just had twins and that she’s the second on their set to do so. A cast mate’s girlfriend had twins last year.

Fertility treatments? Does it ever cross your mind when you hear about twins? A year ago I wouldn’t have thought twice about it. Now I wonder.

  1. SM said:

    I think a lot of celebrities go through fertility treatments specifically to get twins. Two for the price of one. I could be wrong but there seems to be a suspicious amount of twins in Hollywood. Either treatments or they’re all super fertile. When a friend pops up with twins I always wonder but I never have the courage to ask.

  2. Daryl said:

    I wonder about that, too. Twins certainly seem to be becoming more common. Wouldn’t it be great if all those celebrities actually admitted to fertility treatments and gave the rest of us a voice?!

  3. Lya said:

    I’ve wondered about that many times ever since we first went to see our RE especially with all the celebrities.
    Ironically though, twins are very common in my family as well as my husband’s family. Should we ever end up with twins through ART it wouldn’t look that suspicious.

  4. Theresa said:

    Yup, I’ve definitely wondered about that since we started into the world of infertility,

  5. Kristin said:

    Totally! Whenever a celebrity shows up with twins I immediately guess that they used fertility drugs, whether they are infertile or not. It wouldn’t surprise me if they did what was convenient to expedite the process.

  6. YES! Two of my coworkers’ wives had twins this year and I am so curious if there was IF involved. One of them is probably mid 40s, too, so I am really suspicious of him… I’m also suspicious whenever there is a baby announcement on facebook when there was not previously a pregnancy announcement…

    P.S. I’m way behind on commenting because of my long trip abroad, so I’m catching up and doing a bit of comment-bombing. Hope ya don’t mind!

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