First Scan

I met my new doctor today! It went well. He made me feel comfortable right off the bat. Today is day 5 of stims. All of the follicles look to be growing on track and are measuring around 9mm. He didn’t count them – he said he’d start counting on Monday – but I saw a bunch of little black dots. Lining was uniform and measuring 7mm. This has been a problem area for me in the past so here’s hoping a nice triple layer develops over the next week.

On the meds front, Folli.stim has been upped to 450iu for the next 3 days. Meno.pur (150iu) stays the same and I will add in a half vial of Cetro.tide on Sunday. The nurse warned me that it stings and can leave welts. Yay! Honestly, though, I feel pretty good. *Knocks on wood* No side effects and my mood has been great and my energy levels really high. I’m also doing the Circle and Bloom series and it’s been so good. I lie in a dark room with my heating pad and listen to that days mediation after my shot. I’m guessing it won’t stay this way so I’m enjoying this quiet before the storm, so to speak.

  1. Daryl said:

    So glad it’s going well so far! Hope you’ve got lots of big, juicy follicles on Monday!

  2. Amber said:

    Congrats on it going good so far! Good luck for your next stim check and follicle count.

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