Scan 2, day 8

Sorry for the uninspired post titles. I got maybe 4.5 hours of sleep last night. Totally my own fault. Too much sugar too close to bed time (ice cream!) ruins my sleep. I went in for my second scan today and the doc seems to think all is progressing as it should. 5 or so follicles on the right at 10-11 and 5 or so on the left at the same size. There’s also about 9 more between both ovaries trailing behind. Holy eggs Batman! Doc was really pleased that the follicles are grouped up and growing at the same rate, but the big news was my lining was tri-linear! It’s never done that! Now I just wait for my labs to find out what my dose for the next two days is and back again on Wednesday. Overall I’m still feeling great, with an ovary twinge here and there.

  1. Sounds like good progress! Hope the labs confirmed the same!

    • hazel said:

      Thank you! Labs came back great. Am hoping for a Saturday retrieval.

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