Trigger Day

Finally! Counted 25 measurable follicles today. Wowza! I trigger with Lupron tonight because I’m at risk for OHSS. My estrogen yesterday was just under 4200. Retrieval is set for Saturday morning.

So I learned an interesting thing today. My doctor warned me that we may not be able to transfer this cycle (boo! hiss!) because my progesterone may be too high. He said his cut off is 2 and that in cycles where the progesterone was over 2 on trigger day the pregnancy rates were significantly lower. The reasoning (as well as I understood it) being the uterus only has a small window of time when it’s accepting of an embryo and if the uterus starts it’s hormonal changes before egg retrieval we lose the window while waiting for the embryos to grow. I’d never heard this, though it makes sense. Anyway, passing it along because I’m sure there are those of you out there, like me, who are hoarders of fertility factoids. Now I just wait for the call to see where my progesterone falls. Wish me luck that it’s under 2 and I won’t have to wait another month or two for transfer!

  1. trufflelove said:

    wow 25 is an awesome count of follies!! hope they all retrieved nicely and they are ALL fertilized!! your odds sound great. and how nice to have your retreival on a saturday so you dont have to take a day off!! good luck to you!

    • hazel said:

      I’m so happy about Saturday. I’ve been making up excuses in my head all week for work. Bullet dodged.

  2. Theresa said:

    hm I’ve never heard that either, but logically it makes sense. Congrats on the 25 follicles!!! WOO HOO!

    • hazel said:

      I consulted Dr. Google and I guess it’s a thing. Who knew? My doctor’s live birth rate is stellar so I’m going to trust him but damn will I be bummed if I have to wait.

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