Back in the saddle

Sorry for the silence. Want to know a secret? I’ve barely thought about baby making this last month and a half. When we found out we wouldn’t be able to do our FET until late Feb/ early March, I sort of pushed it all to the back of my brain. It’s been nice. 2012 was a hard year, the hardest year, really. It felt good to welcome 2013 with some calm. I’m hoping it stays with me.  I started birth control on Monday. I got my FET calendar yesterday. If all goes according to plan, we will transfer on Mar. 19.

  1. Daryl said:

    Hey cycle sister! I’ve already started birth control, and our transfer is scheduled for the 6th, but we still ended up pretty darn close! I am a bit envious of your ability to not think about all things baby-making in the last month and a half, though.

  2. Lya said:

    Hi! Welcome back!
    Glad to hear that you enjoyed your time off!
    I’ll start birth control this weekend which puts me only a week behind you.
    Here’s to lots of good news over the next two months!

  3. Glad to hear that you barely thought about TTC at all during this “break.” Waiting can be hard, but having a mental break is wonderful!

  4. I’m certainly thinking about you! We have the same numbers going into FET, but we’re waiting on PGD. Sending you positive thoughts and energy during this month!

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