6 weeks 4 days

We had our first ultrasound yesterday. The nugget is measuring on track at 6 weeks and a few days and we got to hear a heartbeat. It was surreal. I spent most of the morning leading up to the appointment in a blind panic. I haven’t really had any symptoms. Maybe a little bit of nausea? Next check up is next week at 8 weeks. If all goes well, we can stop PIO shots, estrogen supplements, and I’ll be released to an OB. I haven’t even allowed myself to look for one yet, but I guess I better get on that?

Oh! And there is only one! The high betas had us wondering.

  1. Lya said:

    Congrats!!!!!! What a big milestone!!! Hope the time flies until your next appt and that you are graduating you an OB.

  2. Daryl said:

    Congrats on this milestone! Good luck finding an OB!

  3. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog! Congrats on your pregnancy! Hopefully we both have great ultrasounds this week. 🙂

  4. Woo woo! I’m cheering you all on. I’m so glad you are feeling so well!

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