8 weeks

First, thank you for all the well wishes. I’ve been unsure how to continue here, but I know I enjoy following people’s stories all the way through, so I will continue to post updates. I completely understand if it’s not what you want to read.

Yesterday was our 8 week appointment and graduation from our RE. It was a little sad. These people have been really good to us and we’re so thankful for what they’ve been able to do for us. It’s still all a bit surreal.

Everything is measuring on schedule, 8 weeks on the nose with a heartbeat of 169. Nausea has come on in full force this week. I spend most mornings dry heaving until I can get some food in my stomach. I’ve been having the strangest food aversions, for example, bacon makes me green. Just typing that made my stomach turn. Bacon! I usually love warm things but can’t seem to stomach any of it right now. I’ve been drinking smoothies and eating A LOT of oranges. I used to drink 3 or more cups of herbal tea a day. Can’t stand the smell of it now. It’s weird what our bodies do.

The most exciting news: NO MORE PIO SHOTS.

First appointment with my nurse midwife is at 10 weeks.

  1. Daryl said:

    Sorry about the nausea/food aversions, but I’m glad everything else is going well! Hooray for no more shots!

  2. Lya said:

    So happy that everyhting is progressing well! And that you’re done with the shots!
    I totally feel you with the nauseau… It sucks. But I kind of find it comforting at the same time.
    Hopefully your midwife will be just as caring as your RE.

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