Another year older

Today is my birthday (36! eep!). It’s also week 14. Last week I got the best possible early birthday present ever. Our genetic screen came back completely normal. We also learned we’re having a boy! This after the ultrasound tech told us he was almost positive it was a girl. Ah well, healthy is all we wanted.

Morning sickness has finally started to wane. I can actually look at food again! I still mostly just want to eat cherries and watermelon and drink lemonade, but that’s how I usually feel in June anyway.

We told our families and friends last week. It was…strange? I despise being the center of attention (no Facebook announcements for me). And I never know what to say to the folks asking IF I’M EXCITED?!? (Which, of course, we are, among a million other things). Or the dreadful WAS IT PLANNED. Oh, if they only knew.

  1. Daryl said:

    Happy birthday! So glad everything is looking good!

  2. Happy birthday! Glad your genetic screening turned out great- I’m still waiting for my blood results. Congrats on having a boy! 🙂

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