Brain dump

Went to lunch with a friend the other week and she told me she was planning on getting pregnant next year. She’ll be 38 in November, but she told me she’s not too worried because “women get pregnant in their 40s all the time”. 

Another friend, who is getting married next month, told me she is waiting till next summer to try because she and another friend “want to have babies at the same time”. Said friend has PCOS, but she “doesn’t think it will be a big deal”.

I didn’t say anything in either situation, of course. Maybe everything will work out as planned for them. Who am I to kill that optimism, right? As if either would listen anyway. Still, it made me a little sad for the girl I used to be, two years ago, before all this infertility stuff. That was me. Making plans. Sure. You never think the bad stuff is going to happen to you.

16 weeks tomorrow. I thought I was past morning sickness but it’s came back to say hello this week. Other than that I’ve been feeling great. My body hasn’t changed all that much yet. I’m still in the bump or too many burritos phase. (Most of the time it’s burritos). 

  1. Daryl said:

    Yup, we’ll never be that naive/innocent again.

    I’m glad you’re feeling good! 16 weeks already!

  2. SM said:

    I vaguely remember that naivete. It’s been so long since I first said those things. Woohoo for 16 weeks!

  3. It’s so hard to not say something, but I would give anything to just go back to “Oh, I don’t know how this happened!” You’ll be there for support if their plan doesn’t come to fruition and they will appreciate you and all you have endured.

    16 weeks!!! Yay!

  4. nonsequiturchica said:

    I think that I look pregnant and I keep asking CP if I look pregnant or just fat, and he says pregnant. I think it all depends on what I am wearing. It’s definitely a pregnant belly from the side, from the front maybe not. Hopefully I will “pop” soon!

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