There was noticeable follicle growth at my ultrasound yesterday. This cycle may not be bust after all! Dr P has no idea why my body is responding so differently this cycle as compared to last or why, even with estrogen supplements my estrogen levels seems to be lowish, but she seemed pleased with the progress so I’m going to be too. After my ultrasound I went to acupuncture to “get my ovaries charged up and moving”. I’ve been doing acupuncture for about 7 months now, and though I was skeptical at first, I really believe it’s made a difference. At the very least, I never have AF cramps anymore. My skin is clearer too! Next check up is on Tuesday because my doctor is travelling.


That is what is happening with my reproductive system at the moment. A handful of smallish follicles, the largest at 10. A thin, sad lining at 5.7. Today is CD10. This time last cycle I had 2 large follicles and was prepping to trigger in two days. My letrozole dosage was actually increased this cycle, and yet, nothing. Dr. P. told me that if it looks like nothing is moving when I go back in on Friday she is cancelling this month’s IUI. We then sat and talked about options for next cycle, barring I get pregnant (suuuuure). She would like to move me to injectibles, but it is not covered with my insurance (letrozole is), so we’d be looking at $800 – $1200 for the IUI, including medication. However, 1 IVF is covered by my insurance. With copays an IVF cycle would cost ~ $3500 ($4500 if ICSI). So then question then becomes, do we keep trying with the IUIs or do we move on to IVF where our chances are greater? So much to think on.

Went in for my CD3 baseline today. The positives: all looks good with the insides and my doctor seemed just as upset as I was that last cycle failed. She is still optimistic that she can make this work for us, so I am holding on to that. I have to hold on to something right? (Cue dirty jokes)

Because my lining is the slacker, I am taking estrace starting today until she tells me to stop. She also upped my dosage of Femara. I go back on Monday for a check up. Fingers crossed this is our cycle.


I guess that says it all right? Started spotting late last night. One of the questions I’m going to ask my RE when I see her is if I should be concerned with my luteal phase.  I’ve been spotting pretty consistently on 11 or 12dpo, with my temps taking a nose dive on 11dpo.

Yesterday, the husband and I spent the morning feeling sad and talking about next steps (right now, at least 2 more IUIs since it’s covered by our insurance) then we dusted ourselves off and spent the day at the beach. We’re lucky enough to live somewhere with year round warm weather. Here’s hoping IUI #2 is the one.

IUI #1 is in the books. It was pretty painless. Now we wait. Some numbers, for the record book:

  • 2.5 Letrazole, days 3-7. No side effects.
  • U/S on day 10 showed 2 large follicles, 17mm on the left, 16mm on the right and a smaller 10mm also on the right. Lining was on the thin side, 6mm.
  • Estrogen days 10-13 to help with lining
  • HcG trigger shot 8pm on day 12
  • IUI at 10am on day 14 (38 hours from trigger)
  • Sperm count 10.2 million

Fingers crossed.

It’s here. Decision time. I have my CD3 baseline appointment on Saturday morning. Yesterday I also started reading The Infertility Cure. Part of me would love to give a holistic path a chance, say three months, and see if we can do this on our own. The other part of me feels like our time is running out. I turned 35 in June and the clock is loud and ticking.